10 Amazing Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Your Big Announcement

Will you be welcoming a bouncing baby boy or a precious little girl into the world? Finding out the gender is half the fun—how you reveal it is the other half!

From cupcakes with a secret pink or blue center to confetti-filled eggs or fun and messy paint parties, we’ve gathered some of the cutest, sweetest and most clever ways to make the big announcement. Whether you’re planning a party for family and friends or an intimate photo session for just the parents-to-be, you’re sure to be inspired by these gender reveal ideas.

1. Simple Gender Reveal Party Decor

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Looking for a minimalist way to reveal the gender of your baby to family and friends? Then this gender reveal party decor ideas could be for you.

2. Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Party Decoration Ideas

You can set up a gorgeous and fun Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Party Dessert Table like this one at your home or venue. Check out all of the lovely gender reveal ideas like the blue pink and gold tassels hanging from the jumbo balloons, the fun pink and blue cake, the cookies, cupcakes, and more! What a gorgeous set up for a gender reveal party!

3. Gender Reveal Sweet Foods Ideas

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Sometimes you have two genders to reveal! If you’re having twins and just found out you’ll have a girl and boy, incorporate the classic pink and blue into a seamless theme. These sweet food are sure to impress and go great with a nautical party theme.

4. Gender Reveal Ideas For Sibling

Source: arianafalerni.com

Sometimes it’s cuter to have the little ones spill the beans about your baby’s gender. After all, it’s just as exciting for them! In this photo, a little boy holds a sign announcing that he’s the big brother. It also allows for a great memorable photo opportunity.

5. Wrapped / Boxed Gifts for Gender Reveal Surprise

There are many simple but creative party favors or gifts that double as a surprise. Using boxes with both pink and blue colors (like in the image above), put surprise gifts such as a pink or blue mug, tumbler, or cookie jar. If you have twins, put two of the items in each box.

If you have crafting skills, put something that you made in each box, such as crocheted doll, clay bowl, or bead jewelry. Not only it makes cool gender reveal gift, but it also a sign of appreciation for the guests.

6. Piñata Party

For a totally fun way to reveal a baby’s gender, fill a piñata with blue or pink confetti or candies and let the guests beat the secret out of it. The entire area will be showered with an explosion of pink or blue for a girl or boy.

7. Simple But Fun Gender Reveal Party Games Ideas

Incorporate simple but fun games in your gender reveal party ideas. You can be a little naughty with the “We’re here for the sex” symbols like in the image above, and offer guests options between boy and girl cards for final voting.

You can also have a balloon dart game. Blow 20 black balloons, and fill one of them with pink or blue paint. Give guests darts and ask them to throw until the filled one is hit. If the babies are twins with different gender, fill one balloon with pink and blue plastic balls.

Another great idea for twins is preparing water gun for your guests, filled with pink and blue-colored water. Stand in the middle, and let them spray to see the genders of your twin babies!

8. DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Box

Source: karaspartyideas.com/

When you’re ready, you pull the string and you’ll be filled with blue or pink confetti.

Highly recommend you do this outdoors as you’ll be finding confetti in your home for years to come.

9. Gender Reveal Party With Balloons

Source: Pinterest.com

Gender reveal balloon popping is a classic way to surprise your guests. Fill a neutral-colored balloon with blue or pink confetti (or both, if there are multiple babies with different genders). Gather the guests before popping it.

One of the most classic gender reveal party ideas is putting a bunch of pink or blue helium balloons in a giant box. Open the box and let the balloons fly, and enjoy the pleasantly surprised expressions from your guests!

10. Gender Reveal Pin

These fun Gender Reveal Party Pins are perfect for the soon-to-be parents. Bring them as a sweet gift for the parent-to-be to wear at their gender reveal party!

11. Gender Reveal during Special Holiday Celebrations

Finally, if you are approaching any special holiday, just incorporate the gender reveal in the party! Create pink and blue decorations to remind guests that this is a gender reveal party. You can serve pink-and-blue holiday foods, complete with cocktails or punches.

These gender reveal party ideas not only creative and fun, but they will also create the best memories among your families and friends. Plus, your Instagram feed will become more cheerful!

20 Charming Kitchen Lighting Ideas (to State Your Room Nuance)

Kitchen lighting ideas are inseparable from a kitchen. Well, it’s only natural the ideas can elevate the current circumstance at a higher level. They can be employed as a way to highlight the main part of the kitchen that you feel like showing to people or guests.

Hailed as the heart of the house, the kitchen is where a small thing, such as food, is served every day with love, wholeheartedly. It’s a comfortable place in the home that gives you something to fill your empty stomach with food which cooked by magic and sprinkled with love in every bite.

1. Stunning Glass Lights

A good kitchen is where you can cook with ease as everything is set on its place and arranged according to its category, size, and purpose. You won’t have any problem to find any equipment or utensil, thanks to the highly functioned kitchen lighting ideas.

The tube-shaped glass lights above the island with the glossy countertops are dazzling to view. It’s such a creative act to represent a lighting idea in a kitchen. When the lights are turned on, they would make beautiful lights like fireflies.

2. Hold a Big Role


Kitchen lighting ideas play a crucial role in the kitchen. Not only do they light up the entire kitchen, but they also make an attractive decoration, especially on the ceiling with their beautiful shapes that spice the kitchen up.

These pendant lights are quite similar in shape as well as size with the previous picture, and they both bring warm light to the kitchen. The kitchen backsplash looks attractive and it goes well with the entire room that applies white hues.

3. Sphere-Shaped Lights

An aspect that the occupant should pay attention to is that kitchen lighting ideas must be able to provide some adequate lighting for the surroundings. It’ll be pointless if you only care about where the lights are purchased from or how expensive they are.

But, the value or contribution to the kitchen itself is what you need to be highlighted, instead.  These lights have a pretty unusual shape that would catch people’s attention. They also emit bright lighting to provide lights for the kitchen.

4. Striking Lights Shape

When choosing the best type of lighting for kitchen, you should consider first which one that will evenly illuminate the whole area in the kitchen. Does it give you good illumination or does it only cover a certain area?

Installing some more lights will help to brighten the kitchen for sure, but it will also cost you more for the electricity bill. This one looks stunning with beautiful kitchen lighting ideas and blue chairs that make a splash with their bold hues.

 5. Black & White Kitchen

Kitchen lighting ideas alsomust be able to reach every area as well as light every nook and cranny of the kitchen. For example, when washing the dish, the lighting is expected to give a sufficient amount of light, and it’s not blocked by your back.

It means not only they should be bright, but they must be placed on an ideal spot, so you’ll get the maximum benefits. The rest will be matching it with the overall look. And this kitchen has it as a lighting idea that goes along with the black-and-white kitchen is installed.

6. Installing a Plank Wood

Adding a plank wood on the ceiling was the right idea. It lets the ceiling has a cool installment and makes the lights have something more to show to you. The ceiling becomes a center of attention now, thanks to the smart addition.

7. Having an Influence

Kitchen backsplash ideas don’t only function as an area to prevent water, but also a spot that decorates the surroundings. And, this backsplash is proof that no matter how small an amount is, it can have a big influence on its surroundings.

8. Natural Lighting Idea

An ample space might be needed when you have some excessive work in the kitchen. Therefore, kitchen countertop ideas will be a great help for you. They should also be well-coordinated with the kitchen lighting ideas.

9. Twin Pendant Lights

This one looks so simple with its twin pendant kitchen lighting ideas with straight lines dangling from the ceiling. An island with ample countertops allows you to have some more space to prepare the meals while having a chit-chat.

The natural lighting brightens up the kitchen that has beautiful shiplap walls, which makes it an almost-all-white kitchen.

10. Unfinished Kitchen Idea

With a straightforward look, this kitchen has an unfinished countertops with a sink that attached to the wall. The lighting idea also isn’t something that would make your jaw drop, but it has a good backsplash with terracotta wall tiles.

11. Natural Lighting Source

The kitchen has a countertop that’s facing right to the window, the source where natural lighting comes through. It’s an example of a kitchen lighting ideas with a simple concept that gives you more than just illumination.

A beautiful pattern of the plank wood can be seen in this kitchen, leaving a welcoming feeling, whereas a geometric brown carpet lies perfectly upon the floor in the center, elevating the warm atmosphere.

12. Unusual Lighting Idea

A pantry is a magic place in which you can contain lots of kitchen stuff. Kitchen pantry ideas should also be set in an ideal place that you can easily reach. You need to arrange what’s inside so that you don’t make a mess once you open when looking for something.

This kitchen is well lit with natural kitchen lighting ideas that come from those windows, which an excessive amount of lighting pierces through.

13. Bring the Studio Vibes

This kitchen is equipped with track lighting as its main kitchen lighting ideas. The studio-inspired lighting idea is precisely attached above the rectangular island, reflecting a minimalist look that closely linked to modern kitchen design.

Unlike a traditional kitchen idea that often features ornate lighting; a modern one is focusing on its efficiency and functional workflow with limited things around. It has a monochromatic style that is perfect for you, who aren’t very obsessed with colorful space.

14. Extraordinary Mason jar Light

Nothing whatsoever could limit your creativity; you can be as creative as you want. It sums up this attractive Mason jar lighting idea. Mason jars can be turned into something that has a high value to your kitchen, especially as kitchen lighting ideas.

The kitchen bathed with natural lighting as it features big windows and shiny white countertops that reflect the lighting to all over the area. The magic mason jars become an object that is hard   to be unnoticed.

15. Aesthetically Beautiful Lighting

What a lovely kitchen lighting ideas that are! The industrial-themed lighting hangs on the white panel ceiling with beams. The ceiling and lighting idea stand out in this kitchen, persuading you to lookup.

The industrial vibes are also encouraged by a reasonably huge wooden island, and it seems to have multi-purposes. The countertop is made from a neutral wood that matches with the dark wooden floor.

16. Black Chandeliers

With two chandeliers hanging on the flat white ceiling, the kitchen looks pleasantly calm. Not to mention, the island with stunning wooden chairs tucked under its overhang strengthen the calmness.

Some traditional kitchen vibe can be felt when looking at the flooring. It fits the kitchen lighting ideas and the chairs. They work together to infuse the traditional-inspired kitchen.

17. The Good Vibes

Light fixtures aren’t just some adornment to prettify the lighting idea, but they also in charge of creating a certain atmosphere to the kitchen. This farmhouse kitchen would also need kitchen lighting ideas that can raise the current state to a better level.

And, those lights can pretty much define what it means. They bring back the good feels of living in the country and make you feel at home.

18. Calm Look

This semi-circular kitchen looks cool with a deep blue color scheme that tints the furniture and kitchen units. The white toned light set covers some big parts of the kitchen, such as countertops, backsplash, and ceiling.

You shouldn’t fail to notice the mounted shelves on a nice-patterned gray wall. The floor seems to agree with the cool and calm look of the kitchen by keeping a neutral tone for the surface that blends well with the surroundings.

19. All-White Kitchen

No need to be afraid to wrap your kitchen in white, because this image tells you not to. It almost looks like a winter-themed kitchen, where you can see nothing but white. It’s like the winter has come already in this all-white kitchen.

Those blue flowers are some pretty additions that create a slight contrast. On the ceiling, there are bowl-shaped pendant lights. The only dark element in this snowy-like kitchen is the wooden floor with its spotless surface.

20. Attractive Triangular Ceiling

Taking advantage of its triangular ceiling, this kitchen is embraced with long pendant lights that have a pretty interesting shape. You would make a double turn when coming into the kitchen. The ceiling is fairly high with sturdy wooden beams.

It’s an airy kitchen with a huge island accompanied with three chairs. Glass doors and windows mean that the kitchen has a sufficient amount of lighting coming from the sunlight.

30 Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

There are so many things of creativity & you can make it for beautiful touch to your home decoration. You can even make your own decoration during your leisure time. Maybe, you have no vacation plan during your holiday, so it is time to make something unique. The one of unique thing is rock painting ideas.

Whether what you want is to give your home some new accessories, or a unique kind of feeling, there are a million options you can take to do so. The issue is, home décor is expensive AF.

But don’t worry, there is a great way for you to do this and not drain your wallet at the same time. It is creative, it is easy, it will look amazing in your house, it is rock painting.

We know you are probably surprised by this suggestion, however, it is a great idea you probably haven’t considered. You can just use the rocks in your garden and some paint, and can end up with really creative pieces of art.

Here are some ways to inspire your rock painting.

1. M&M Rock Painting

30 Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

Ok, let’s be honest here, we all love M&Ms. Now, wouldn’t you want to have them on huge size? The best thing about this design is that you don’t’ need to find perfect rocks to get it done, it is quite the contrary. Find some chipped rocks and have your house looking delicious.

2. Beach Theme

Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

Themes are great because the narrow the things we can paint in out rocks and therefore make it easier to decide which one to use. The blue aesthetic on these rocks will look great anywhere in your house, and the beach-themed drawings are just impossibly cute.

3. Sheep

Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

Sheep are just so adorable! This design is particularly easy to do, since you only need to draw the sheep’s face and some spirals, you’ll have a very fluffy-looking ship (that is not fluffy at all, cause, rock painting). Also, in some cultures, sheep images are supposed to bring money to the house, one more reason to get this into your living room.

4. Flamingo Bird

Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

Flamingoes in hearts, painted in rocks, isn’t it very fashion looking? The half-flaming half-heart design is very cute looking, and gives you freedom to choose colors that match your room. Swans are also a good option for this rock painting design.

5. Hallowen

Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

If you are short on Halloween decorations, this is an easy and cheap way for you to get some. Get your rocks in weird shapes that match the design you want to make, and have some pumpkins, skeletons, and ghosts looking spookier than ever.

6. Colorful Camping

Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

A little tent by a lake and some trees, even if this is a minimalistic design you can feel yourself relaxing when looking at it. Colors over white look very pretty, especially on kids rooms, and the campsite gives your rocks a nice vibe.

7. Painting Eyes on Rocks

Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

If you are more into funky-looking rocks, this is definitely your go-to option. Eyes on rocks are a very funny thing to pain, and very original too! All you friends will love it and your plants will look more alive.

8. Love Painting Rock

Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Your Crafty Garden (for Beginners)

Valentine’s day? A handmade gift is always a good option, look at this rock with some heart designs on it, the black details make it look very pretty, and it could become a very nice paperweight.

9. Superhero

You can get them for a party, as a gift, to spice up your room, superheroes work for almost every occasion. Get round-looking rocks that can work as faces or symbols and draw your favorite superhero on them, from the Batman logo, to Iron man’s helmet, this stones will turn anything cooler instantly.

10. Sweet Rock Painting

If you want rocks to go well with your room, or maybe match an aesthetic, then you should try this design. Very precise flower designs and a calligraphy word in the middle are very simple but have a powerful look to it. Choose different colors according to your favorites.

11. Owl Painted Rock

Owls are such cute animals! And extremely easy ones for rock painting too. Whether you want to make them brown, white, yellow, or go crazy and draw a blue owl, the design will look very classy and is perfect for you to place in a library.

12. Cute Painted Rock

Take out that cheesy person inside of you and draw something that looks very cute. A panda holding some balloons will make you go “aw” every time. It is great for kids, or even for yourself.

13. Funny Face

Just like the eyes, a funny face will have your place looking more upbeat. Draw weird lines on the mouth, worried eyes, and big noses, your rocks will look better than ever and all your friends will end up loving them.

14. Painted Rock Bumblebee

Bumble bees are always a go-to, they are easy to draw, and look very cute. Combining the bumble bee with a contrasting background color and a pun (admit it you laughed) is the recipe for a great rock.

15. Cute & Easy

If you are not very artsy but want to do rock painting, maybe cute and easy is for you. The idea is to be minimalistic and choose things like a sign that says watch for rocks, this is funny and creative, but not too complicated.

16. Easy Painted Rock

A little flowery design with some highlights is always a good go-to- Flowers look very pretty and elegant, and this kind of designs will give your spaces a little boost.

17. Christian Rock Painting Ideas

Painting a stylish Christian quote on your rock like “The Lord is my Rock” can account for some pretty cool rocks, especially if you add some flowers and designs to it.

18. Quote Painted Rock

Your favorite quote set in stone. Choose a smart and cute design and paint it on the rock to have a rock you’ll love. “I love you to the moon and back” like this rock, accompanied by a moon and some hearts is a great way to do it.

19. UFO Painted Rock

First of all, a UFO is a pretty cool thing to do in rock painting. A little green friendly alien inside their space ship can end up being a very colorful, very cool design to give your spaces a little science fiction.

20. Penguin

A black and white design with some colorful highlights gives you the perfect penguin painted on a rock. It is not hard to draw and will look very cute anywhere you decide to put it.

21. Snoopy

Everyone loves snoopy, and if you don’t you are lying. The dog is super cute and reminds you of your childhood. This simple black and white design of Snoopy is everything you need to give your favorite room in the house that little extra it needed.

22. Rock Painting for Insects

Again, having a theme makes it easier to choose things to draw. The good thing is, you can go very creative with insects, and they are a very easy option. You just need to make their head one color, and their body another, and add some funky-looking eyes.

23. Mandala Stone

A mandala is always a great design, when painted on a rock it has a very Zen vibe to it. Paint a mandala on a rock, create a massive flower and it will look so pretty you can even end up using it for a greeting card. It is a very creative and unique design you won’t find in another card ever.

24. Painted Minion Rock


Minions are just super cute and so are the rocks painted after them Whether you want them for your kids or for yourself, the yellow and blue design will look super adorable.

25. Simple Painted Rock Ideas

Again, simplicity brings a very powerful design to our rocks. The series of birds are very minimalistic, and the little motivational phrase creates a very pretty rock you can place anywhere you like.

26. Cool Painting Rock

These little rocks with a design based on the type 2 van of Volkswagen will look very cool anywhere you put them. The colorful combinations and overall hippie look of the van make some fashion paintings.

27. Fish Painted Rocks

If what you have in mind is a summer design for you house, then a rock painted by a fish can turn into a great option. Unleash your talent and create different and colorful fish designs for an ocean approach.

28. Monster Painted Rock

This are great to make with kids cause they are so easy. A bunch of different colors and some funny looking eye will transform into some terrifying (cute, really) monsters.

29. Rock Art

Unleash all your artistic capabilities and make a great design for your rock to be a proof you are truly an artist.

30. Emoji Smile

Again, a super easy option that will look super cute anywhere you put it. A little wink or a smiley face in yellow can make any place look a little happier.

31. Puss in Boots

This design is just adorable, the little cat on its yellow boots and a blue umbrella that makes the whole drawing like taken out of an artsy kid’s book.

In the end, rock painting is a great option for entertaining, having some creative decorations, some heart felt gifts, or anything that comes to mind. So, unleash your imagination, grab your brush and inspire yourself on this post to make some amazing designs.