10 Amazing Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Your Big Announcement

Will you be welcoming a bouncing baby boy or a precious little girl into the world? Finding out the gender is half the fun—how you reveal it is the other half!

From cupcakes with a secret pink or blue center to confetti-filled eggs or fun and messy paint parties, we’ve gathered some of the cutest, sweetest and most clever ways to make the big announcement. Whether you’re planning a party for family and friends or an intimate photo session for just the parents-to-be, you’re sure to be inspired by these gender reveal ideas.

1. Simple Gender Reveal Party Decor

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Looking for a minimalist way to reveal the gender of your baby to family and friends? Then this gender reveal party decor ideas could be for you.

2. Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Party Decoration Ideas

You can set up a gorgeous and fun Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Party Dessert Table like this one at your home or venue. Check out all of the lovely gender reveal ideas like the blue pink and gold tassels hanging from the jumbo balloons, the fun pink and blue cake, the cookies, cupcakes, and more! What a gorgeous set up for a gender reveal party!

3. Gender Reveal Sweet Foods Ideas

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Sometimes you have two genders to reveal! If you’re having twins and just found out you’ll have a girl and boy, incorporate the classic pink and blue into a seamless theme. These sweet food are sure to impress and go great with a nautical party theme.

4. Gender Reveal Ideas For Sibling

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Sometimes it’s cuter to have the little ones spill the beans about your baby’s gender. After all, it’s just as exciting for them! In this photo, a little boy holds a sign announcing that he’s the big brother. It also allows for a great memorable photo opportunity.

5. Wrapped / Boxed Gifts for Gender Reveal Surprise

There are many simple but creative party favors or gifts that double as a surprise. Using boxes with both pink and blue colors (like in the image above), put surprise gifts such as a pink or blue mug, tumbler, or cookie jar. If you have twins, put two of the items in each box.

If you have crafting skills, put something that you made in each box, such as crocheted doll, clay bowl, or bead jewelry. Not only it makes cool gender reveal gift, but it also a sign of appreciation for the guests.

6. Piñata Party

For a totally fun way to reveal a baby’s gender, fill a piñata with blue or pink confetti or candies and let the guests beat the secret out of it. The entire area will be showered with an explosion of pink or blue for a girl or boy.

7. Simple But Fun Gender Reveal Party Games Ideas

Incorporate simple but fun games in your gender reveal party ideas. You can be a little naughty with the “We’re here for the sex” symbols like in the image above, and offer guests options between boy and girl cards for final voting.

You can also have a balloon dart game. Blow 20 black balloons, and fill one of them with pink or blue paint. Give guests darts and ask them to throw until the filled one is hit. If the babies are twins with different gender, fill one balloon with pink and blue plastic balls.

Another great idea for twins is preparing water gun for your guests, filled with pink and blue-colored water. Stand in the middle, and let them spray to see the genders of your twin babies!

8. DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Box

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When you’re ready, you pull the string and you’ll be filled with blue or pink confetti.

Highly recommend you do this outdoors as you’ll be finding confetti in your home for years to come.

9. Gender Reveal Party With Balloons

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Gender reveal balloon popping is a classic way to surprise your guests. Fill a neutral-colored balloon with blue or pink confetti (or both, if there are multiple babies with different genders). Gather the guests before popping it.

One of the most classic gender reveal party ideas is putting a bunch of pink or blue helium balloons in a giant box. Open the box and let the balloons fly, and enjoy the pleasantly surprised expressions from your guests!

10. Gender Reveal Pin

These fun Gender Reveal Party Pins are perfect for the soon-to-be parents. Bring them as a sweet gift for the parent-to-be to wear at their gender reveal party!

11. Gender Reveal during Special Holiday Celebrations

Finally, if you are approaching any special holiday, just incorporate the gender reveal in the party! Create pink and blue decorations to remind guests that this is a gender reveal party. You can serve pink-and-blue holiday foods, complete with cocktails or punches.

These gender reveal party ideas not only creative and fun, but they will also create the best memories among your families and friends. Plus, your Instagram feed will become more cheerful!

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