17 Kitchen Pantry Ideas (Enlarging Your Space)

With the presence of various kitchen pantry ideas, we have can freely choose one to match the theme of the room and other considerations like space size, budget, or location.

Here is good news.

There is no need to spend much money to have a wonderful kitchen pantry. It is because we can pick a concept that doesn’t require lots of features and materials.

Regardless of the preferences, here are some recommended ideas to try. Thus, these top styles should be everyone’s choice when decorating a kitchen pantry.

Here we are..

1. Old Furniture Never Dies

Just because we want to beautify a kitchen pantry, doesn’t mean we need to buy new furniture or kitchen accessories like cabinet. The idea is to repurpose available furniture and rearranging them properly.

There would be requirements, though, which are some woodcraft skills. The idea is to install or alter something in old furniture and turns it into something more beautiful or useful like built in shelving.

Another idea is to find an old pantry cabinet or buy used ones at a nearby store. The next thing to do is to paint it to match the theme of the kitchen. All these aspects are required for the best kitchen pantry ideas, for sure.

2. Modern Pantry is Popular

Modern furniture never bore society. When it comes to kitchen pantry ideas, this style provides both sophistication and simplicity at once. The concept is to choose simple and functional decorations.

The next aspect is to give a soothing tone color to the room. There are two common options, which are dark and light colors. The first choice is popular, as it creates a better mood.

The second color choice gives a wider sensation to the pantry, instead. Next, it is about the material. It usually comes with glassy and metallic style!

3. Classic Pantry is Fantastic!

Living a modern era doesn’t always include modern decors. It is because many people choose to decorate their kitchen pantry with traditional designs. It is, in fact, one of the most popular kitchen pantry ideas.

There are some elements to create a classic design. The purpose is to give a vintage atmosphere to the room! The simplest method is to choose dark tiles, which must suit creamy painted furniture.

Next, it is important to provide some classic china and decorations to the room. A traditional chandelier, somehow, can give a classy touch too! Don’t forget to include it.

And, dreaming more inspiration of the kitchen look, finding them on kitchen lighting ideas!

4. Working with Labels

For those who are into excellent organization, this idea would be the best choice. It works well with a small pantry, too. The only need to do is to provide some jars or containers and stamp a label on those.

Being one of the most cherished kitchen pantry ideas, this would be popular among millennial these days. Don’t you think so?

5. Dollar Store Pantry

This example of labeled pantry suits everyone’s preferences due to its simplicity and affordability. All those items and labels can be bought cheaply at a dollar store, after all.

The affordability makes it one of the most preferred kitchen pantry ideas, especially among those with a low budget and small kitchen.

6. A Kitchen Pantry with Outstanding Entrance

This concept is perfect for those who own a walk in pantry. By installing an exceptional door, the pantry won’t look messy! The door would conceal all items stored in that room, after all. Plus, the design of the entrance varies!

For example, there is a barn door that gives a rustic ambiance to the room. It is made of steel and has a sliding feature. Not to mention it consists of wooden flooring that makes it more valuable.

Next, there is a chalkboard door, which is both unique and functional. That means you can write a to-do-list on that door! It also gives a better ambiance to the pantry.

7. Wooden Pantry

The simplest method to create an astonishing pantry is by using wooden furniture or shelving. Not only is it space-friendly, but it is also cheap. As an extra, you can include some beams installed on the ceiling.

As an alternative, you can include a freestanding cabinet. The purpose is to spend as little money as possible. What an easy choice among the best kitchen pantry ideas!

8. Pantry with Tiles

The best method to make a pantry larger is to apply white tiles and decorations. This bright concept even suits those with a skinny and quite small room. For a better result, it must include clear jars or containers.

And Kitchen cabinet ideas will also help you to find the fittest one to your kitchen.

9. Pantry with Blue Tone

Each color gives a different mood to a room, including a kitchen pantry. In this case, blue is recommended, as it gives some feelings like tranquility, calmness, orderly, and productivity.

You can simply paint both walls and shelves with blue color. Next, it must include sleek wooden table surfaces and some ornaments. Thus, it must be in the list of the best kitchen pantry ideas, especially related to color.

10. Applying a Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great alternative to paints. This cheaper option is as beautiful as painted walls and gives a stylish nuance to the pantry. Also, the pattern varies, so it can match the entire concept of the room.

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry

Recently, people are into a farmhouse impression. The simplest way is to include some glass jars, wicker baskets, and some traditional utensils. Don’t forget to apply traditional wooden walls, painted in white, too.

12. Kitchen Pantry with Brick Wall

The next idea is to include brick walls to the pantry. This creates a traditional look inside the room. Despite the fact, the kitchenware can be both modern and contemporary.

Next, this idea should include cabinets. Both top and under shelves are important, as well, for this brick wall pantry. And, dreaming more inspiration of the kitchen look, finding them on kitchen backsplash ideas!

13. Featuring Tall Shelves and Ladder

This becomes one of the most favorite kitchen pantry ideas due to its uncommon concept. The room features tall shelves or cabinets. Have no worries. It comes with a wooden ladder to reach items easily.

14. Kitchen Pantry with Undivided Shelving

It is common to include shelving in a kitchen pantry. This one is unique, as it doesn’t come with dividers at all. That means you can store items in a row freely! The benefit is a neater and tidier room.

This should be included in one of the most chosen kitchen pantry ideas, shouldn’t it? Another choice is to use a pantry cupboard, which is a cheaper option. However, it may take much space in the kitchen.

15. Multiple Levels Pantry

Among kitchen pantry ideas, this one is optional. It features several levels, which store different types of items. In the bottom, it can be recipe books, flours, and big stuff.

In the middle level, it is meant for kitchenware and utensils. The next levels are suitable for seasonings! What about the top? Well, it is perfect for displaying decorations and flowers.

16. Hidden Corner Pantry

Having a corner pantry is troublesome sometimes, especially when it comes to decoration. This one is simple but requires some budget. The idea is to build a hidden pantry, featuring a sleek white door.

The theme should be white, as well, so it creates a wider or larger sensation (which is suitable for small spaces). The rest space of the kitchen is meant to store utensils and kitchenware.

Using tables with lots of drawers is a nice choice, too. It may help you to store more items in it and create a straighter setting.

17. Mixture of Traditional & Modern Pantry

Who says a kitchen pantry should come with a specific theme? The fact is that you can mix two different styles like modern and farmhouse design. It only requires some items that represent those concepts!

For instance, the pantry can include both wicker baskets and modern storage on shelves. For creating a more comfortable atmosphere, in this case, a white tone and patterned tiles are recommended.

This mixture idea indeed becomes one of the most preferred kitchen pantry ideas out there. Do you have other conceptions for the mixture?

20 Stylish Kitchen Countertop Ideas (Here’s a Final Answers)

Selecting the perfect kitchen countertop is no easy task with so many beautiful options to choose from. This is a huge decision with cost being a major factor as well as the aesthetics and whether the material is practical in terms of function.

The cost of a high-end kitchen countertop would make up a large part of the expense for remodeling a kitchen, so it’s important to get this right.

The right countertop can make a huge difference in the functionality of your kitchen, is easy to maintain and can greatly enhance the look and ambiance of your kitchen.The scope of materials used in making kitchen countertops is quite diverse, with some materials even being a bit surprising.

Just like most things, each one has its pros and cons, which should be carefully considered when making your choice. The more unusual materials, like stainless steel, bamboo and zinc are generally too expensive for most homeowners, not to mention the difficulty in maintaining them.

Most people are a little more practical, preferring materials like ceramic tile, engineered stone like quartz, conventional laminates and various solid surface materials.

But, I would advise keeping an open mind until you have more information on each option.



  • Very cost effective.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Available in a broad range of colors, textures and patterns.
  • Incredibly stain resistant.
  • Easily damaged by sharp knives and heat with no effective repair solution.
  • Not great for the back splash, tile would look more modern.
  • Approximate cost would be $20-$60 per sq. ft.


  • Withstands heat, spills, knife marks and other abuses quite well.
  • No two granite stones look alike, so the appearance could vary within your slab or between the sample you selected and your finished countertop.
  • Available in a variety of natural textures, colors, and finishes.
  • Highly resistant to chipping and cracking for the most part; but, the edges can chip if a heavy object drops on it.
  • Needs to be resealed every 6-12 months.
  • Approximate cost would be $45-$100 per sq. ft.


  • Elegant, classic, and timeless.
  • Withstands heat well.
  • Quite prone to staining even when sealed.
  • Chips and scratches more easily than other options.
  • Approximate cost would be $50-$125 per sq. ft.

Quartz (Engineered Stone)

  • Fabricated by combining crushed quartz with resin and looks just like a natural stone slab.
  • Available in a broader range of colors and patterns than you would find in natural stones.
  • Nonporous material makes quartz naturally antibacterial while also being eco-friendly.
  • Seams are hardly noticeable.
  • Most resistant of all materials to damage and staining.
  • Requires no maintenance at all.
  • Approximate cost would be $40-$90 per sq. ft.

Corian (Solid Surfacing)

  • Fabricated from polyester and acrylic resins combined with pigments as well as powdered fillers.
  • Nonporous so no sealing or special cleaning required, which makes for easy maintenance.
  • Resistant to bacteria, mildew and staining.
  • Vulnerable to burns and scratches, but these can easily be sanded out as the color remains consistent the entire way through.
  • Available in a broad range of colors.
  • Dark colors tend to make fingerprints more noticeable.
  • Installation is seamless with no cracks to gather dirt and grime.
  • Approximate cost would be 435-$100 per sq. ft.

Butcher Block

  • Creates a naturally warm classic look.
  • Periodic oiling is all that’s required, so very low maintenance.
  • Cleans up nicely with just soap and water.
  • Easily scratched, but these can be easily repaired as well.
  • Wood tends to swell and contract depending on the moisture.
  • Traps bacteria so must be frequently disinfected to be safe.
  • Blends well with a variety of other countertops and is often installed on kitchen islands
  • Approximate cost would be $35-$70 per sq. ft.


  • Industrial chic in appearance.
  • Color and texture can be added.
  • Withstands heavy use well, but not as heat resistant as some other options.
  • Prone to staining unless frequently sealed.
  • Tends to develop tiny cracks over time.
  • Very heavy so installation requires strong supports.
  • Even when sealed, oil or moisture can make the concrete countertop appear wet.
  • Approximate cost would be $65-$125 per sq. ft. depending on customization.

If you love the chic industrial appearance of a concrete countertop but are turned off by the price, don’t give up. Try a faux concrete look, which can be installed on top of a traditional laminate countertop.

Faux Concrete

More Details

The first order of business is to select your countertop material. Once that’s decided, you will need to choose the color, pattern, finish, etc. Here are some things to consider:

  • Generally, the darker the countertop (especially black) will make fingerprints, dust, crumbs and streaks more apparent.
  • To avoid this and hide marks, choose a lighter, polished material with more pattern variations.
  • Ensure that your choice of countertop compliments the other kitchen choices. Compare countertop samples with tile and paint samples under natural light in your home to make sure you like them together.
  • If you can’t decide on one specific material, try mixing and matching them until you find a look you like!

For more inspirational ideas, check out the following:

White Quartzite Countertop

Manmade quartz countertops have become very popular in recent years with brands like Cambria and Corian® Quartz (formerly DuPont Zodiaq). This material is fabricated from crushed up waste rock mixed with various resins that bind while hardening the “quartz.”

Therefore, these countertops are not made from solid or cut slabs of quartz, but are a manmade stone product that often contains antibacterial ingredients. Quartz is fast surpassing solid-surface materials as a countertop option over natural stone.


  • Quartz countertops are gorgeous, with their quartz crystals and other eye-catching natural minerals.
  • Homes with quartz countertops are in high demand, increasing their resale value.
  • Quartz countertops are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • These counters have more durability and are less vulnerable to scratches than a solid material.


  • Quartz countertops are very heavy.
  • They are also just as expensive as natural granite countertops.
  • Installation must be done by highly skilled installers. You cannot DIY.


With a quartz countertop, you have the best of both worlds: a beautiful countertop that looks just like natural stone, yet with the flexibility you would get with a solid-surface material.

Concrete Countertops

For some, a concrete kitchen countertop can seem an odd choice, but there is no doubt that it can give the kitchen an especially unique appearance.

Don’t you think it’s nice? Look at kitchen lighting ideas for the more outstanding combination. Hope it will inspire you!

The concrete is usually poured on-site and this would need to be done by experts from forms matching the space. Homeowners can ask that colors and/or textures be added, or they can have the concrete surface polished to a high gleam if they want.


  • Because they’re so unusual, if you install a concrete countertop people will notice and comment on it. If you want a conversation piece, your concrete countertop will make a great one.
  • Concrete can be poured into any size mold, shaped to match your countertop.


  • Because solid concrete is so heavy, it does need additional bracing.
  • Concrete countertops are made by highly specialized and skilled craftsmen, which adds to the cost, making them quite expensive.


Not everyone is going to appreciate the look and expense of a concrete countertop, but designers might recommend them for very expensive and uniquely modern high-end homes.

Granite Countertops

The most popular type of natural stone used for countertops these days is granite. Solid slabs of natural granite come from stone quarries and are custom fabricated to the specifications of the customer.

Highly skilled crews are needed to handle the installation due to its weight and other factors. However, granite tiles or modular granite pieces can also be configured into gorgeous kitchen countertops.


  • Granite countertops are very attractive with long-lasting durability.
  • There are no two slabs of granite that are alike, so each granite countertop would be unique.
  • Granite is a high-end building material, which means a granite countertop would enhance the value of your home.
  • A Granite countertop can be made from a solid slab, so there would be no seams. But, granite countertops can also be made from tiles or modular pieces.


  • Granite can be quite expensive.
  • Like most natural stone materials, granite would need to be sealed and resealed periodically to prevent it from staining.
  • A granite countertop cannot be installed on a DIY basis – you would need to hire professional installers.

Marble Countertops

Marble is also quite popular for kitchen countertops, even though it does have certain limitations. Its best feature is its uniquely attractive appearance. Replete with beautiful veins, granite countertops are among the most stunning.

However, this natural stone is relatively porous and soft, which means it must be fully sealed and regularly resealed if installed as a kitchen countertop.

Marble, just like granite, also comes in three different forms – marble tiles, modular marble pieces, and solid slabs. Most homeowners prefer their marble kitchen countertop to be made from a solid seamless slab if they can afford it.


  • Marble’s natural veining makes it highly unique, with many claiming that of all natural stones, marble is without a doubt, the most beautiful.
  • As with granite, no two marble countertops are alike due to each slab’s unique veining.


  • Marble is extremely porous, which makes it very vulnerable to staining unless it is fully sealed and resealed on a regular basis with a premium sealer.
  • Marble is also quite soft, so cutting boards would need to be used to avoid being scratched by various kitchen utensils including knives.
  • Marble is more expensive than many other countertop materials, therefore it can get quite expensive if you have a large kitchen counter area.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are layered with the plastic laminate on top bonded to either fiberboard or particleboard beneath. Many different manufacturers make laminates, with two of the most well-known brands being Wilsonart and Formica.

Homeowners can choose from literally hundreds of different styles and colors when it comes to laminate countertops.

And, dreaming more inspiration of the kitchen look, finding them on kitchen backsplash ideas!


  • Laminate kitchen countertops are very affordable.
  • Installing a laminate countertop can be a DIY project if you’re installing it in prefabricated sections.


  • Because some homebuyers may think of laminates as being “cheap;” a laminate countertop may become a liability when it comes time to sell your house.
  • Laminates are not very durable and tend to chip, peel and burn quite easily.
  • A laminate countertop can seem lightweight and somewhat hollow when compared to tile or stone.

Butcher Block Countertops

Wooden butcher block countertops provide a warmth to your kitchen with a classic and inviting feel.

To ensure a continuously to new look, they must be sealed with a very durable polyurethane. To protect them from scarring and heat damage, you should regularly use cutting boards, pot holders and trivets.

Two-Tone Countertops

Inspired by professional bakers and chefs who needed a cool marble countertop for rolling dough and preferred stainless steel for other kitchen counters due to easy cleanup, two-tone countertops are now being customized for high-end residential kitchens. If you want something truly unique, you may want to consider a two-tone look.

Wrapped Kitchen Countertops

One of the latest trends in kitchen designs is the wrapped countertop look, which involves covering the sides of your cabinets with the same material as your countertop. Kitchen cabinet ideas will also help you to find the fittest one to your kitchen.

This wrapped counter look draws attention to other areas of the kitchen. Accentuate the effect by having the countertop and sides in a contrasting color to your cabinets and other elements in the kitchen.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are quite versatile in terms of design. You’ll find them in both traditional and modern kitchens. Their popularity seems to have come from the surge in stainless steel appliances.

They work particularly well adjacent to ranges and cooktops where people often place hot pots and pans or on center islands where food is predominately prepared and served. Costs start at about $78 per sq. ft.

Zink Countertops

Zinc countertops develop a distinct bluish patina over time, so if that color blends well with the color scheme in your kitchen, zinc might be perfect.

You should know that over time zinc will react to oils, citrus juice and water, which is what creates its gorgeous signature patina. Zinc is a metal, so it would be best if it remained in its natural state with the matte finish.

20 Amazing Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Totally Boost Your Cooking Mood)

Even a small drop of water can cause damage to a surface in the kitchen if it continues for a long time. Therefore, kitchen backsplash ideas exist. Their existence is not only to shield the wall behind the countertops but to adorn the area around the kitchen cabinets.

In this article, you’re going to read some useful ideas on how to minimize problems caused by water and to make an effective backsplash in terms of appearance and functions. You will also know how to decorate the kitchen well.

1. Attractive Hexagonal Tiles

This one of attractive kitchen backsplash ideas features hexagonal tiles with a dark color that is collaborated with white and glossy countertops. A wooden shelf divides the wall and it becomes a surface on which glasses and bowls are put.

A backsplash should have a leveled surface so that you can easily clean it by wiping or washing.  It’ll be a little bit difficult to clean if it’s uneven. An even surface would also have a better look, and it can be a proof that the work was done by a pro.

2. Beautiful Backdrop

This picture is an example of impressive kitchen backsplash ideas with bricks wall. It has massive white kitchen cabinetry with granite countertops. A time-worn brick backsplash has a historic value as it gets old through time.

The older it gets, the prettier it looks. Exposed brick walls also offer a beautiful backdrop with its inviting look. It’s become an element of style that isn’t eroded in the modern era when many homeowners tend to apply modern or futuristic stuff for their kitchens.

3. Timeless Style

Brick walls kitchen backsplash ideas leave a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen. Throughout the years, it will become more and more attractive as it gets torn by wind and time. It will remain to be a timeless style of a backsplash.

The tiny kitchen features a black stove and small cabinetry. A smart move of decorating the backsplash is by installing shelves on the wall. If you’re on budget but feel like remodeling the kitchen, choosing inexpensive material with good or average quality is highly recommended.

4. Protective Wall

You can’t avoid making a mess when cooking, such as spilling liquids from kitchen pots. You don’t even realize they’re spilled all over the kitchen. This is exactly what kitchen backsplash ideas state.

Whether it’s made from cheap or expensive material, it’ll always get your back covered. And that’s why a backsplash is crucial for the kitchen. And, though the worktop isn’t made of the adorable black granite countertops, it still looks impressive to support the backsplash.

5. Make Your Choice

Kitchen backsplash ideas can have many styles as you fancy. You can apply modern, contemporary, or rustic style for the kitchen. But, you should ask this question to yourself first: “Does the style I’m going to adopt fit the entire kitchen?”

It’s important to weigh whether or not it will enhance the current look of the kitchen. The tiny wall backsplash, by the way, go well together with white cabinetry as well as the rest, and it can be a good example when deciding a backsplash for the kitchen.

6. The Material

From budget-friendly to costly one, the purpose of kitchen backsplash ideas remains the same. It’s to guard the area against liquids damage and such. However, you won’t get the same features.

You can’t expect something spectacular comes from a low-price material. The quality can also be far different from the one that costs you a fortune. But, the main point is that you have a kitchen that functions well and you feel comfortable with it.

7. Adorning the Look

This mosaic backsplash in black and white merges with white kitchen cabinets. There’s open storage on the corner that will help you find things as you can palpably see what’s in it. It’s a good notion to be applied in the kitchen if you’re hard at finding things.

It also leaves a nice view and can save some space with its practical design by not including doors on it. Kitchen backsplash ideas can improve the look if it’s executed with the right idea, style, and material.

8. Combine Other Elements

To decorate kitchen backsplash ideas, there are several ways you can consider. You can usetiles with different colors, patterns, and sizes available, and they can give an astonishing backdrop for the kitchen.

Common tiles you can choose from are stone, marble, or glass tiles that would give the kitchen a stunning background if combined with other elements. And this backsplash has a pretty decorative pattern in gray with a pretty herringbone floor.

9. Genuine Character

It seems that kitchen cabinet ideas can’t be separated with kitchen backsplash ideas, and they would always be there working together in the kitchen. With plenty of types of wood cabinets, it may make you confused to opt which wood cabinet you should use.

You can have maple cabinets, cherry cabinets or oak cabinets the list goes on, and they have their characteristic. They have different natural grain as well that will bring a different beauty to your kitchen cabinetry.

10. Keep It Dry

The kitchen can be considered as a place in which you will highly likely make a mess. You need to clean it regularly or your stove will stain and spoil its look. Wet substance from water or oil spills or food can trigger mold to grow, especially in a place with extreme humidity.

That’s why you need to spend some time to clean the kitchen and to keep the kitchen to stay dry by getting rid of all of the spills.

11. Maintain the Equipment

The countertops can be a sticky and sloppy place from oil or similar liquids that are greasy and spill all over the kitchen. The cooker will likely get tarnished and broken. Maintaining is something you should put on the kitchen list besides cooking the meals.

Although you may use the same material for the backsplash, you can still have a dissimilar result if you arrange it differently.  This one of enticing kitchen backsplash ideas features tiny tiles in a neutral color with subway tiles for the outside line.

12. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are one of the many tiles that are commonly employed for kitchen backsplash ideas. Reminding you of subway stations, subway tiles can make a stunning backsplash. The installment should also be easy as they are short with a rectangular shape.

You can have a herringbone style with subway tiles and combine them with different palettes as well, and there are lots of herringbone styles you can get inspired by. Subway tiles promise a classic and cool backdrop, which will make the kitchen look fashionable.

13. Monochrome Kitchen Idea

Dark cabinets are one of the many popular choices for kitchen cabinetry. It has a timeless look that makes the kitchen feel so special. This monochrome kitchen features a huge marble hood, which is as the same as its backsplash.

With marble kitchen backsplash ideas, the dark cabinetry looks bold and intimidating as it shows a color contrast, making a splash to the kitchen.

14. Marble Tiles

Kitchen backsplash ideas with subway marble tiles exhibit a lovely view in this kitchen. With two separated upper cabinets, the space in between is used for installing a small light to illuminate the sink so that you can wash the dishes with a bright vision.

15. Bold in Blue

With a gray backsplash, the kitchen is a combination of deep blue palette creating such a bold view with congruent upper cabinets, making a perfect place for the cooker hood. Both upper and lower cabinets come in deep blue, which is cool when matched with the gray backsplash.

16. Sweet Mosaic Tiles

Isn’t this mosaic backsplash amazing? It makes a good pair with the reddish kitchen cabinets. The backsplash and cabinetry don’t have a bold look, which makes this kitchen interesting. Such a color scheme makes a perfect blend when met dark countertops.

17. Marble Touch

Marble tile has a cool surface with a nice pattern that looks like wood grain. For trained eyes, they can know that this is a marble tile if seen from close. It merges with stainless steel equipment such as the cooker and its hood resulting in an entertaining view.

18. Sensational Hearth

You would certainly love this idea of having a kitchen with a lovely hearth that covers the microwave oven. It makes the kitchen differ with others alike because of its self-improvised hearth.

19. Intimidating Dark Tiles

Herringbone tiles make an impressive backsplash with its dark color scheme in this kitchen. Above the sink is a wooden shelf that leaves a subtle touch of the wood element. A luxurious part comes from golden equipment such as the faucet and door handles.

20. Adding Greenery

The backsplash looks pretty with an abstract pattern and a gray shelf on which greenery adorns the area above the cabinetry. There’s also an island with white countertops and wooden stools with a stainless steel finish.

21. Stunning Wall

The backsplash has a unique part with a stunning wall pattern. A subway tiles backsplash with black grout with two electricity socket. The wooden countertop offers a nice spot with an inviting ambiance.

22. Bright Tone

Consisting of two main colors, the kitchen almost blinds me with its vivid white tone. The upper part has two cabinets with a backsplash that appears in small hexagonal tiles. Not to mention the white globe-shaped light.

After reading our list of kitchen backsplash ideas with a plethora of styles, colors, and materials, we hope this can shed a light on your confusion when finding the right idea for a backsplash.

20+ Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Ideas (Kitchen Lovers will Dream of)

A kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking the meals. It should be a haven where your daily routine starts such as preparing meals. These kitchen cabinet color ideas with a variety of color combinations will certainly bring a colorful place.

When you remodel a kitchen, you may want some changes such as furniture, equipment, and colors. The budget should also be something that you should put into consideration because even a small kitchen may require a huge amount of money.

To get a suitable look for the kitchen, you can mix and match every element in the kitchen starting from the ceiling, walls, furniture, and floor. You can discuss it first with your partner which color suits you best.

1. White Hues

A kitchen cabinet typically appears in such a huge size that it can consume some substantial amount of space in the kitchen, which will affect the look of the kitchen. In this kitchen, the white kitchen cabinet has a timeless tone that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

2. Energetic Yellow

If you want to fill the kitchen with a fun and energetic vibes, bright and colorful furniture can certainly be added just like this lively yellow kitchen island. Kitchen cabinet ideas are great for kitchen storage as they have lots of drawers to keep lots of kitchen stuff.

The kitchen stands out with a combination of a yellow and white color scheme. The floor keeps the kitchen circumstance balance with its dark surface. It would be a glaring place if the kitchen were applied by a bright tone too.

3. Calm & Cool

Blue and white are colors that can bring a calm and cool look. And this kitchen cabinet color ideas merge with this floral deep blue color, spreading a bold blue tone.  A kitchen can have so many designs and styles.

A freestanding kitchen, for example, is an idea when you want your kitchen to be flexible. It can be relocated as the island and kitchen units aren’t fitted or mounted to the wall and floor. The benefits of having such an idea are that you can remove them without destroying them.

4. Sweet Light Blue

Small space would need compact kitchen units and cabinets. Although you have cramped space, you can still have a beautiful kitchen with this light blue kitchen cabinet color ideas with small golden handle doors.

5. Dynamic Blend

A nice blend of white and blue resulted in such a dynamic appearance in this kitchen. The upper kitchen is fitted to the ceiling, giving some space for the backsplash. The light blue kitchen cabinet color ideas bring positive energy with its bright look.

6. Harmony of Color

This one of kitchen cabinet color ideas shows harmony with a white and dark blue that’s nicely presented here. It looks stunning with only two main colors applied for the cabinets. The subway tiles wall make the kitchen have a stunning view.

7. Gray Tone

The kitchen cabinet color ideas match with the floor as it features a similar tone, and they spread a calm look throughout the kitchen. The white paneling ceiling with an exposed beam seems to blend well with the gray cabinets.

A classy touch from the stainless steel finish is kind of impressive when matched to the surroundings. The kitchen may a bit shallow as it has a low ceiling, but it’s wide enough and pretty airy if opening the window.

8. Mysterious Tone

Gray has a strong gravitational magnetic pull that drags people to admire its mysterious and strangely likable tone. It perfectly suits the beautiful kitchen backsplash ideas. The kitchen cabinet ideas correspond to the kitchen units and refrigerator.

9. Beautiful Small Details

It may only have a small proportion in the kitchen, but backsplash, a small area between the cabinet and kitchen units, is a useful space that can prevent water damage. It also prettifies the look of the kitchen to some extent, isn’t it?

The cabinets surely are attractive with some see-through rooms that give a nice detail to it. The countertops leave a subtle touch of elegance with its brown surface whereas the microwave and cooker hood drop a smooth, crisp look.

10. Install Skylights

Who on earth wouldn’t fall in love with this kind of kitchen with an airy space like this? It has skylights that make sure the kitchen well lit naturally. The subway tiles wall makes a good pair with the dark kitchen units.

11. Modern Finish

A soothing modern touch can be strongly felt in this kitchen with tiny tracking lights. The kitchen is applied with a beige color scheme from the cabinet floor, table, and chairs. The ceiling seems to have a similar color with a neutral wooden style.

12. All-Brown Kitchen

It looks like brown has conquered almost every part of the kitchen except for the ceiling. From the flooring idea, kitchen island, and cabinets are in brown. Kitchen cabinet color ideas contribute lots of benefits for the kitchen. Therefore, their existence is needed.

13. The Layout


A layout of a kitchen is what determines whether the kitchen has a good workflow or not. That’s why it needs to be arranged systematically. It’s important especially for you who an extreme kitchen activity or love to cook a lot like every day.

14. Neutral tone

Some people would love to follow the latest trend that’s happening from changing or buying some new stuff that’s hit at the moment. Some may feel comfortable enough with what they have in the kitchen already.

This kitchen cabinet color ideas has a sweet neutral tone that’s applied for the island and its stools as well. It leaves a simple and modest style with such a finish while the white round-shaped lights elevate the entire kitchen.

15. Elegant Touch

This kitchen shows an elegant kitchen cabinet color ideas with deep brown skin and granite countertops. An L-shaped kitchen with two sinks and terracotta tiles backsplash has been infused with a luxurious touch of the stainless steel element.

Or, go check the kitchen countertops ideas. It will totally inspire you to find the best way to maximize your kitchen.

The kitchen is equipped with a window as a natural lighting source. It’s essential for a kitchen because you don’t have to turn the lights on, which means you can save some electricity.

16. Color the Kitchen with Fun

A nice yellow color scheme colors a most of the kitchen, and it’s even applied for the windows as well. This bright color seems to bring fun and enjoyment to the kitchen. This one of kitchen cabinet color ideas mix gray and neutral tone.

The neutral tone is derived from the strangely attractive flooring style. A vase of sunflowers are also added and they pretty much enhance the current look.

17. Let Sunlight Pierces Through


An open cabinet can be a perfect place for displaying your ceramic collection or other accessories to adorn the appearance of the kitchen as seen in this picture. The kitchen cabinet color ideas have a close tone to the floor and island.

The countertops play a nice role as a divider with its gray surface. The cabinets look bright as the sunlight shines through the window in front of the sink.

Don’t you think it’s nice? Look at kitchen pantry ideas for the more outstanding combination. Hope it will inspire you!

18. Add Greenery

Greenery is often employed by many homeowners as a natural means to decorate a room. In this kitchen with a bold yellow and dramatic kitchen cabinet color ideas, greenery is set precisely before the window to get sufficient lighting from the sun.

Some shelves are also attached to the terracotta walls as an alternative to kitchen cabinets. There’s also a carpet under the sink to prevent water drops from wetting the wooden floor.

19. Lie a Carpet

The kitchen seems to look cramped, but it sure has an attractive look by mixing and matching a white tone with a deep green one, resulting in such an exciting combination. Despite having a compact room, the kitchen looks neat and tidy.

A decorative carpet lies between the kitchen units and island creating a warm look here whereas corner shelves are nicely installed adjacent to the cabinet and they fit there.

20. Retro Vibes


Isn’t this mint green kitchen cabinet color ideas adorable? Yes, it is. It brings back the good old day vibes as it satisfyingly pictures a huge retro style in the middle of 20 century. The upper cabinet feature glass doors that allow you to see through what’s inside the cabinets.

21. Traditional Ambience

A very pleasing color scheme of a kitchen cabinet color ideas in soft mint that makes the kitchen possesses a feel-at-home vibe. You can create a custom-made kitchen cabinet and it’ll be a fun DIY project if you’re good enough at making stuff.

The exposed brick walls infused a traditional kitchen environment that completes the surroundings. It becomes a lovely complement to the kitchen for sure. Some souvenirs are exhibited on the cabinets, making the room to have something to stare at.

22. Dark Cabinets

This charcoal-inspired tone is so mesmerizing when it merges with white. The golden handle doors look glowing somehow due to its deep dark color that the cabinet is painted with. The marble countertops on which kitchen utensils are put embrace the white hues.

23. Make It Stand Out

The wooden countertops stand out in this kitchen as it becomes the only area in brown. The rest is gray kitchen cabinets with subway tiles that work as the backsplash. Gray brings a cool and calm look in any room that’s why it’s frequently used for any furniture in the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet color ideas will likely take up some significant area of the kitchen. Make sure you weigh up their advantages and disadvantages first.