20 Small Basement Laundry Room Ideas (Maximize Your Space)

Some basement laundry room ideas are the best solutions. If you have an extra room under your home, making it an utility room would complete your home. Some people would not wish to design their basement since they’re not around there extremely often.

There are a great deal of suggested designs you can pick for your laundry room ideas. In this article, we will give you with a lot of trendy and inspirational designs of utility room for your basement. I guarantee you will get the very best basement spot after reviewing this entire web page.

Basement Laundry Rooms

Building a laundry room in your basement can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. You need to understand the pros and cons of basement laundry room before you establish one.

Elevated Storage

A platform underneath the washer and dryer offers extra storage space, while a ledge above can be used for decorative pieces or more practical cleaning supplies.

Basement Laundry Area

Build in the basement. This laundry room has a small space area. Although it placed downstairs, the lighting is good with enough amount of lights — additionally, the long black stairs placed near the wall to connect the basement and upstairs room. Also, the washing machine is installed in the middle of white cabinets and below white countertops. Thus, we can see a contemporary look from the whole room organization

Before After Basement Laundry Room

There are a lot of essential parts in a laundry room, and a sink is one of them. In this traditional laundry room, there is an under-mount sink installed near side by side washer/dryer machines. Below and above the sink, there are white cabinets to store stuff. To conclude, this beige colored room is designed in a clean, organized, and family-friendly model.

Natural Laundry Room Ideas

A transitional laundry room is an excellent choice for those who love original design. Moreover, this basement room looks well-organized and straightforward with ivory cabinets, quartz countertops and side by side washing machines. As we can see, there are some hanging and open shelves to store the laundry stuff. The cabinets installed beside and above the main laundry room appliances.

Sleek Laundry Room

In a coastal style, the laundry room gives a ‘back to nature’ vibe. Although it’s in the basement, the dominant light blue color and lighting freshens the whole room and brings a bright light.

As we can see, on the left side, there are washer and dryer machines. Also, the furnishings are soft, and the carpets are clean, especially the flowery one.

Tiny Basement Laundry Room

Considering that we are speaking laundry, allow me tell you regarding a brand-new fave of mine prior to delving into my unfinished basement laundry room ideas! This basement utility room gets a cozy and inviting facelift a lot.

Simple Basement Laundry Room

When we finished our basement about 11 years earlier, we made a decision to just seal the concrete in our basement utility room. It was a dazzling idea. We likewise turning the basement storage room into the dream utility room design that is completely remarkable

Paint Your Cinder Block

Basement walls of cinder block, brick, or even poured concrete can be transformed pretty quickly and simply with a coat of paint. Go for a solid color, or get wild and design a mural to brighten up that subterranean space of yours.

Small Basement Laundry Room Ideas

If you want to go a bit darker with the color options, the most important thing you have to consider is the lighting. Make sure the lighting is bright enough to light up your dark room. As you can see, this laundry room is filled with dark shades, but it’s not a problem.

It has enough lighting to light up all of the elements. The wall is in dark brown which matches with the counter in light brown. The stacked black laundry machines are in a proper position. It’s well arranged, the machines are not disturbing your sight and workflow in the room.

Basement Laundry Room Makeover

First of all, checking out the laundry concepts you might like one or another however there are specific things you have to bear in mind. Because the basement is an extra area in your home, where individuals typically collect unneeded things.


Basement area wouldn’t be so important if you are not using it the efficiently. Locating your laundry room in a basement is a great way to get your basement area to be useful. The laundry room existence is extremely important in a household. You can design your basement laundry room by applying some of those ideas.

20 Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Basements are notorious for being dark little caves of a space. While this is not the case with every basement, it can be a challenge for many of us basement owners to overcome.

One fantastic strategy to create a more inviting basement area is to install a basement bar. But even that requires some creativity and strategy to make the space feel bright and friendly.

Here are 20 Amazing Basement Bar Ideas that you can try.

1. Modern Rustic Bar

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Modern rustic bar presents a stand out unique style. Combine wooden furniture, old style chair, and modern entertainment apparatus with calm lighting and natural-wood colour scheme.

2. Contemporary Basement Bar

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

For contemporary basement bar, choosing the most up to date design is the best. Arrange the newest style of furnishing and combine it with good light.

3. Basement Home Theater With Bar

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Take a look at that natural wood used for the bar. Isn’t it lovely especially when matched with the pendant lights above it.

4. Small Bar Ideas for Basement

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

A creative way to balance bright and dull colors giving the room both a relaxing and sporty look.  It is located close to the gaming area giving people more options on how to use the room.


  • Occupies a small area
  • Wonderful lighting


  • Cannot support a party of about 10 people

5. A Frame for Increased Notability

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

There are several aspects that make this example brilliant. First of all, there’s the combination of materials. Not just the right types but the right kind.

Perhaps using the same dark wood for the horizontal glass supports would have looked good as well but by adding a third texture, material it becomes so much more luminous and charming. Secondly, there’s the lighting that makes the whole feel welcoming and inviting.

6. Dream Basement Bar

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Check out this farmhouse-inspired space that we tumbled upon while scrolling through Pinterest!  It’s been mixed nicely with a touch of industrial design as well, creating a trendier overall look. Again, you truly get everything you need in one spot to entertain and enjoy on your own.

7. Bar Ideas for Basements

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Summer Home Decor showed off a smaller, more traditional basement bar idea.

And we love it too!

It’ll fit inside spaces that don’t have such an open feel and we love how it was sectioned off with the addition of some edgy, stone columns.

And although they decided to go with darker wood cabinets, the open fronts create the illusion of more light which is a great balance.

8. Rustic Basement Ideas

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

A rustic look with a few modern, classy accents will create a vintage ambience in your home bar. Add some art and decor items that fit the style to create a rustic luxury hang out spot in your home.

9. Industrial Basement Bar Designs

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

The cellar bar could be the quintessential ‘man space’ in any kind of home fortunate enough to obtain have one. That’s since bars aid revive a number of that young person magic, that insinuation that also guys that will have wives (or spouses) and households (or dogs) can still have a very ‘songs’ evening out.

10. Coolers and Dispensers at Basement

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

A very practical and efficient home bar setup. Built into a cosy corner, the bar includes a couple of coolers, some shelves, a bottle opener, a wood slab counter and a wall-mounted liquor dispenser. These home bar ideas and designs have all you need.

11. Basement Ideas with Bar

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

If you build a basement bar, you can tie it in by using elements from your kitchen. A subway tile backsplash and kitchen cabinets that match existing ones give you a grounded and well-oriented sense of style.

12. DIY Small Bar Design Ideas at Home

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

A basement bar doesn’t have to break the bank: you can set up a small countertop, a handful of stools, a cocktail mixing set, a few decorations for your wall, and have a nice start to a home bar. Add a tiled inset and some shelves for visual interest and practical storage.

13. A Statement Ceiling

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

This traditional and stately bar is reminiscent of an old English pub. The ornate tin ceiling and light-toned brick backsplash add visual interest, while the leather chairs and dark cabinetry epitomize cozy elegance.

14. Industrial Meets Rustic

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

The combination of industrial and rustic details forges a unique aesthetic in this basement bar. The homeowners relied on corrugated metal siding and reclaimed wood for construction, making this an easy and affordable project to adapt for your own space.

15 – 20 Other Basement Ideas

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Basement Bar Shine

What do you think? What are your favorite ways to brighten up a basement bar space?

20 Beautiful Makeup Room Ideas To Brighten Your Morning Routine

When decorating the home, especially for bedroom and dressing rooms, it is important to pay attention to all elements. In this case, makeup room ideas become another vital point.

However, choosing a theme is not that easy! Applying a specific makeup vanity idea is not everyone’s job, after all. It is because everything should match, including furniture, flooring, wall, decorations, et cetera.

Thus, it may take time to decide the best choice. So, these makeup vanity ideas can be a helpful reference for determining the right theme for it.

It can be based on various aspects, including a budget, size of the room, and much more!

1. Glass Front Makeup Desk

Featuring a contemporary design, this makeup vanity looks both astonishing and functional. This one comes with complement drawers and a beautiful secondary round mirror. The white theme makes it neat!

The most significant feature is the glass front mirror. It looks simple but lovely, doesn’t it? Other features are a small chair, transparent desk, and several storage for brushes and other kits.

2. Chic Vanity with Seat Warmer

Those who live in a cold nation should apply this idea. The concept is to provide warm furniture and decoration, including a seat warmer. A cushion or blanket is also recommended.

As for the style, this makeup room comes with an elegant or retro concept. Some art paintings lie on the wooden floor, too! Some drawers and shelves give a functional benefit here.

In terms of makeup storage ideas, it should feature many drawers. The purpose is to store more items and keep everything hidden. Thus, it can achieve a neat nuance there.

3. Gorgeous Feminine Makeup Room


A feminine concept gives a warm and beautiful ambiance to the room. The vanity has a medium size and it features door-less cabinets. Next, the color should be soothing like pink and white.

In the aspect of comfort, a small pink chair, purple rug, and mat are good choices. This room also features a single shelf with several levels. The bottom one is meant for a plant or flower!

It should be one of the most preferred makeup vanity ideas, therefore.

4. Makeup Vanity with Wall Accent

The next simple makeup vanity ideas to beautify a makeup room are to use an accent wall and hardwood. It comes with several wall decorations, including photos, motivational quotes, and degrees.

Next, it features dark hardwood flooring that creates an elegant nuance. For a more attractive appearance, it must come with white curtains and some arts ornaments, though.

This way, the wall won’t be the only center of attraction in that makeup room. Even the open shelves are considered one of the most chosen makeup storage ideas.

5. Hidden Beauty of Purple Makeup Room

Playing with color is recommended to create a beautiful makeup room. Purple is one of the best, which represents beauty and glamour. As for the furniture, a long chair is top-notch.

For a more fabulous appearance, the room should come with a big and long seat. Don’t forget to include cute ornaments like glasses with a face. As for the desk, a single drawer would be enough.

6. Well Organized Retro Makeup Vanity

Drawers are one thing, but shelves become another useful feature for vanity ideas. It helps users to grab everything more conveniently. This belongs to the best makeup storage ideas, too, somehow.

This simple design is suitable for those who don’t like hassles and don’t like to waste time in arranging a makeup room. The concept comes with a regular table, chair, and mirror.

7. Next to the Window

This one doesn’t need a huge mirror. Instead, the vanity features a small modern mirror placed along with makeup kits on a mounted desk. The thing is the vanity resides by the window!

The seating has a comfy material and unique design. Next, this room has a single shelf, supporting various acrylic items. For the information, this idea doesn’t cost much money!

8. Simple DIY Vanity

Having a personalized makeup room is trendy. It can be built from scratch based on each person’s preference regardless of the size and design. As for the example, this DIY makeup storage is brilliant!

The table is mounted on the wall and it comes with a big rectangle mirror. Only two drawers are available and it comes with simple shelves, too. Next, a small rounded chair and fur rug become nice extras!

9. Fabulous & Glamorous Makeup Room

One of the most lovely makeup vanity ideas is to create a glamorous makeup room. It requires some sophisticated items like a modern desk, rounded chair, ornaments, light bulbs, and seat pillow.

Putting some fashion magazines on the bottom drawer is a good idea, too. On the wall, don’t forget to include cute bits and pieces! This will make the room more valuable.

10. Hollywood-Like Makeup Room

As the name suggests, it represents actresses’ makeup rooms. Even though it looks expensive and glamorous, the concept is considerably affordable! This idea even comes with lights that look elegant!

11. Makeup Room with a Rounded Mirror

The simplest choice is to put a rounded mirror in the room, which is both functional and attractive. Also, it gives a comforting sense for users, which suits a small room either.

12. Modest White Vanity Galore

One of the most used makeup organizer ideas is set up a clutter-free makeup room by arranging items based on their usability. The well-organized environment boosts the comfort, for sure.

A rounded mirror also becomes a great extra here, which adds both beauty and value of the room.

13. Exceptional DIY Vanity

It is not wrong to combine mismatch items in the makeup room. Instead of looking ugly, they create an astonishing mishmash! For example, a yellow hairpin chair works well with a vintage table.

In makeup organizer ideas, looking antique is not a bad thing. It creates a more astonishing ambiance instead. The only requirement is rustic old furniture, combined with rustic vanity.

14. Artless Vanity

Looking graceful doesn’t have to be novel or complex. For a vanity table in the makeup room, it only requires some organizers and jars to store everything.

Simplicity won’t bore everyone, especially when it comes to ornamenting makeup room. This idea is satisfying and easy to apply. No wonder, lots of people keep using it these days.

15. Makeup Brush Holder in Glasses

Management is the key. This idea involves some expensive jars made of glasses. This provides a classy ambiance to the makeup room, somehow.

The only disappointment is that these items take much space on the vanity. Thus, you must use a wide table instead of the small one. For some reason, this bulky appearance looks alluring.

16. Cake Stand for Nail Polishes

One of the most common beauty kits is nail polish. This must be arranged well, too, therefore. As for the idea, why don’t you use this cute cake stand?

You can use either one or multiple stands, located on the table, as long as the surface is wide enough to accommodate them. Don’t forget to choose the products that come in durable materials, as well.

17. Contemporary Wall Shelves for Makeup’s

Installing these modern shelves as brushes and beauty kits holder is a good idea. Not only does it look beautiful, but it gives a contemporary feeling, too.

The design looks modern and sleek, doesn’t it? One thing, it may take some time to install the shelves. Not to mention it is pricier, as compared to other designs!

18. Pot-Like Makeup Brushes Jars

Those who have lots of beauty brushes must own this organizer. The concept is to use pot-like jars that can hold those items neatly and beautifully. This concept suits people with an OCD, no?

As for the theme, you can pick a white contemporary design. Both the vanity (table) and storage can be in the same color. As a result, it may create a wider nuance in the room.

19. A Vanity with Jewelry Stand

When decorating makeup storage, it must include a fashionable jewelry stand. Not only it helps to manage those items better, but it gives an additional beauty to the vanity desk.

Regardless of the quality of jewelry, this stand must look good. The best choice would be the one that comes with a metallic material. However, the price is more expensive too!

20. Buckets on Wall

Here is an alternative to store brushes, nail polishes, combs, and other beauty items. You only need to find small buckets and hang them on walls, located near to the vanity.

This won’t cost much, as you can use second-hand items. The only consideration is the hanger, which must suit the theme. Somehow, you can create do-it-yourself items from any available objects at home.

Reviewing many makeup vanity ideas is important for homeowners, especially women. That is the place where they can dress up and beautify themselves, after all. It also becomes the space to store items!

Those include makeup tools, dresses, and others. The thing is that each person has a different preference in choosing the theme or concept for the room. With the right references above, the option is limitless!

Lots of makeup room ideas help women to create and organize the room easier. Plus, it doesn’t require a professional’s help at all to set it up, especially the ones that come with a DIY arrangement.